Abous Us

In 2003, under an growing advertising market, Lemon Design decided to begin work in this domain, valuing the unused support at that time in Romanian advertising.

With a dynamic and unique vision on how to promote, Lemon Design contributed in an innovative way for finding new ways to make their companies products and services known. So, for the first time in Romanian market, appeared the idea of advertising inside subway trains. We also managed to exploit spaces from Henri Coanda International Airport, North Train Station and various other stations in the country.

Continuously trying to adapt to changes occurring in the market and to satisfy advertising needs of its customers, Lemon Design has found new ways to exploit new advertising media by mounting inside subway trains handgrips equipped with a duble display that can be used as commercial space. This was possible through a partnership with the public sector.

For choosing the right options to promote products / services, considering the targeted audience of the campaign that they conduct, customers can choose standard spaces such as billboards, city lights, click frames, stickers, mini posters handgrips etc., atypical or special supports.

During the projects, Lemon Design provide full support to its customers by providing quality services such as:

  • productionof promotional materials
  • installation of materialsinlocations
  • maintenance andpermanent monitoring
  • replacement andremoval

We are opened to any specific proposals to ensure a spectacular vision on the brand promoted, for great results.